about us

     It is the site that I feel and launched to want to share the feeling

     to many people even a little to enjoy fishing in families or solo.

        You spend same time with a child, and how long will you stay at time to be able to play?

        When there was something to be able to enjoy together, it looked for it, and it was fishing that I tried it once,

        and was able to enjoy all two of them. The child who is easy to heat it, and is easy to cool down may get tired after this.

        I may not be so glad if I can share a feeling to think anything, child and nature which little, can

        sympathize with to look at not to forget nature,a life, communication and courtesy with other to make a site to last long,

        and to share even a little with two,and to be able to learn from fishing to be it carefully.



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